X Block PRO

The module X BLOCK series is dedicated primarily to professionals working daily in harsh conditions.

Products were designed with a solid gasket for maximum dust and water resistance as mobile workshop containers for storing and transporting heavy tools.
Covers of the PRO line were stripped of additional elements to optimize their cleaning. The construction with a solid ribbing provides for high impact resistance.

X BLOCK PRO series modules guarantee the load capacity up to 120 kg and they can serve as working platforms for installation works. Boxes are fitted with organizers and carriers which provide for easier organization of the storage space for manual tools. A wheeled module is fitted with elastomer-coated wheels which improve the balance and smoother operations. Offered as covered variety or with a drawer for fast access to the heaviest tools without disassembling connected elements.

Maximum load capacity of each box is 50 kg.

X Pro Series Modular System - X-BLOCK PRO
X Pro Series Modular System - X-BLOCK PRO
Accessories and additional futures presented in the catalogue may differ from the commercial offer. Tools shown in the pictures are not included.

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Each KISTENBERG product is approached individually. Each element is designed with attention to the tiniest details. Apart from their appearance, we focus on their practical purpose. Each product has its own color profile to maintain ultimate color coordination.
All elements are assembled manually, in full compliance with the requirements specified in the technical documentation. Thus, we can be sure that we deliver to you the product of the highest quality which you will be able to enjoy for many long years.

Polycarbonate organizer flaps provide higher impact resistance and improve the appearance of all our tool boxes.

Fastenings made from resilient components such as steel, aluminum, ABS and ABS with elastomer guarantee durability and the comfort of use.

Dust and water resistance as well as protection from weather conditions.

Multiple sales variants and sizes available. We offer a selection of various types of covers, fastening, fitting and accessories for storing small elements.

The wide assortment of KISTENBERG products and their multifunctionality enable organizing the space of your workshop, garage or construction site. The possibility of combining, stacking, mounting and others help better organize your workspace, and make your work a more enjoyable experience.



X Pro Series Modular System - X-BLOCK PRO

for years to come

The value of a brand depends largely on the perception of the product’s quality, its durability, how long its life is, and how consumers rank it against the competition.

To ensure the highest quality and meet users’ expectations, all components of our products are manufactured from materials of the highest quality.

Before any product is marketed, it undergoes rigorous testing toward its utility, defectiveness, comfort of use, visual appeal of the finished product and other essential features that contribute to its character.

Thus, we can guarantee that we offer a product of the highest quality and resilience which will satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding users.

X Pro Series Modular System - X-BLOCK PRO
X Pro Series Modular System - X-BLOCK PRO
X Pro Series Modular System - X-BLOCK PRO



of fully recyclable products.

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