About the Brand 

Our brand idea is to create a new quality in the DIY sector.

Behind each Kistenberg project, there is a group of people equipped with long years of experience and profound knowledge of the industry.

Our main objective is meeting customers’ needs by offering a broad assortment of products for storing and transporting tools. Utility, reliability, durability, practicality, compliance with requirements, uniqueness, pleasing design, and availability are the features which guide us in creating the highest quality of goods and services offered by Kistenberg. The first of these needs is directly related to the broad application of our merchandise.

The second criterion concerns faultless performance over a long time and in the harshest of conditions. The next need requires us to ensure easy handling of our products in any situation. Remaining requirements inform our commitment to the highest quality, very long product life, the unique character and image of the brand.

Kistenberg was created to provide reliability, safety, convenience and comfort of use in your work.


Function and Innovation

What demands must a DIY product meet in order to satisfy user’s needs?

We ask this, alongside an array of other questions, every day to be able to create an appropriate relationship between a manufactured product and the expectations of its user.

Kistenberg merchandise is designed based on a range of innovative solutions in terms of design, engineering, adaptation and technology.

Design solutions included in our products guarantee the greatest safety for their users. Adaptive functions enable adjusting the features of our products, such as size, color and extra accessories, to customers’ individual needs. Technology-wise, we are reducing our negative impact on the environment to a minimum.

We spare no effort to make our products multifunctional, reliable in any conditions, safe and comfortable to use.

Selected Kistenberg products



of fully recyclable products.

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