Building containers for mixing and carrying dry and wet construction mortars.

Round building containers, with a capacity of 45 to 90 l, are provided with handles around the entire circumference.

Rectangular building containers, with a capacity of 40 to 80 l, are provided with four handles.

Building container

and Innovation

We create products that are designed to meet the needs of DIY users.
We produce thousands of components that combine into hundreds of our products every day.

Kistenberg’s products are created based on a number of innovative design, technical, adaptation and technological solutions. The solutions included in our products provide comfort of use, functionality and safety.

The adaptive features allow you to tailor our products to your individual needs.

We strive to make our products versatile and reliable in all conditions.

We minimise negative environmental impacts in our production process. 100% of our products are fully recyclable, and we mainly use recycled plastics in production.

Building container

to details

We approach each Kistenberg product individually. We take care of the finest details from the design stage, ensuring we meet the highest quality requirements.

All elements are assembled manually and subjected to a series of checks and tests. This ensures that our products will last for many years.

Building container

for years to come

The product’s quality, its durability, lifetime, and the opinions of consumers contribute to the value of the brand and its market perception. We do our best at every stage of production to meet these requirements. That is from design plans through manufacturing technology, to the raw materials used to make the smallest elements.

Before any product is marketed, it is thoroughly checked for utility, comfort of use and aesthetic qualities.

Thus, we can offer products of the highest quality and resilience which will satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Building container
Building container
Building container



of fully recyclable products.

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