Foam inserts

FOAM INSERTS are 2 or 3 layer foams to protect and arrange tools in Kistenberg modular organisers.

The FOAM INSERT series is designed for the following organisers: X BLOCK BRIDGE, C BLOCK BRIDGE, MSX, CMX.

Accessories and additional futures presented in the catalogue may differ from the commercial offer. Tools shown in the pictures are not included.

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We approach each Kistenberg product individually. We take care of the finest details from the design stage, ensuring we meet the highest quality requirements.

All elements are assembled manually and subjected to a series of checks and tests. This ensures that our products will last for many years.


for years

The product’s quality, its durability, lifetime, and the opinions of consumers contribute to the value of the brand and its market perception. We do our best at every stage of production to meet these requirements. That is from design plans through manufacturing technology, to the raw materials used to make the smallest elements.

Before any product is marketed, it is thoroughly checked for utility, comfort of use and aesthetic qualities.

Thus, we can offer products of the highest quality and resilience which will satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding users.



of fully recyclable products.

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