S Block

The S BLOCK is a modular series of toolboxes for storing and transporting heavy tools.

Toolboxes are available in three sizes and have a solid gasket to provide dust and water protection. Products in this series are available with PRO and ALU LOG lids.

The PRO line has an ergonomic handle and a built-in cm/inch ruler.

The ALU LOG line has an organiser built into the lid with boxes and separators for easy storage of small items. The transparent lid of the organiser is made of durable polycarbonate.

The highly ribbed bodies and lids make the toolboxes highly resistant to pressure and mechanical damage.

The S BLOCK series modules withstand a pressure capacity of up to 100 kg and they can serve as working platforms for installation works. The maximum load capacity of each toolbox is up to 30 kg.

Toolboxes are compatible with the following series: S BLOCK, X BLOCK and C BLOCK.



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