X-BLOCK series

The module X-BLOCK series is dedicated primarily to professionals working daily in harsh conditions.

Products were designed with a solid gasket for maximum dust and water resistance as mobile workshop containers for storing and transporting heavy tools. The cover is fitted with aluminum rails which enable transforming the box into a compact, sturdy workbench. The construction with a solid ribbing provides for high impact resistance of this series.

X-BLOCK series modules guarantee load capacity up to 120 kg and they can serve as working platforms for installation works. Boxes are fitted with organizers and carriers which provide for easier organization of the storage space for manual tools. A wheeled module is fitted with elastomer-coated wheels which improve the balance and smoother operations.

Offered as covered variety or with a drawer for fast access to the heaviest tools without disassembling connected elements.

Maximum load capacity of each box is 50 kg.



of fully recyclable products.

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